Prayer List

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

"Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray.  Is anyone in good spirits?  He should sing praise.  Is anyone among you sick?  He should summon the presbyters of the church, and they should pray over him and anoint [him] with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up.  If he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven."   - James 5:13-15 

Please pray for:



For a parishioner's grandmother who is gravely ill in another country; the grandson has traveled to care for her and locate medical treatment; please pray for successful treatment and pain relief and also for safe travels, successful access to medical care, and peace of heart

Prayers for a friend who has been in and out of the hospital three times since January

For the repose of the soul of Nelda

For Mike, who recently underwent a tracheotomy for failing respiratory health

For Lee, who is dealing with several debilitating health conditions

Rosemarie Montag (health and positive results on an upcoming medical test)

Prayers that my home in Vancouver will sell quickly and if lucky to another Catholic family who will enjoy being a part of the Holy Redeemer family and grow in faith as much as I have (Sharon Pahl)

Mary Benoit (successful shoulder surgery, healing, and recovery)

Thanksgiving for the safety of all residents in a home accident

Thanksgiving for a successful interview in a new organization and continued success in the new environment

For an unemployed son who has abandoned the Catholic faith and is stealing

Hope and healing for Bill Marler who is very ill and is refusing food and liquids

Prayers that a medical staff will correctly diagnose, treat, and heal a 15 year old boy who has multiple symptoms, including elevated liver function and extreme irritability; pray that any evilness attacking him is cast out and he is healed spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally; restore all family relationships and bathe them in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit

Michelle Lister (terminal cancer)

Bill Hoelscher (throat cancer)

Elaine Murray (successful surgery, recovery, and healing)

To be blessed with the gift of a child after being married four years

For job security

To be healed of migraines

Ken Wheeler (for a successful surgery and recovery)

For a speedy recovery

For a private intention for a deceased family member

For a Christian friend whose sister-in-law is battling lung cancer; pray that she comes to know Jesus and His peace; also that the friend comes closer to Jesus during this time

Prayers for a successful job search and for positive results in a job interview today in Portland; please pray for a job situation with Christian coworkers



March 2018

Prayers for a job situation and the stress on those who are left to do multiple jobs with multiple bosses; also for job security

Continued prayers for a friend who hasn't been reached by phone, email, or facebook for many weeks now

Please pray for Ruben, who made his way home to our Lord today; comfort for his wife Judee

Gloria Torres (health)

Please pray that three sick grandchildren will be allowed to be baptized

Prayers for Susan Guevara

May God bring relief to Nancy who is suffering daily from severe pain due to fibromyalgia and advanced osteoarthritis

Fran Plourd (health)

For Allen to receive guidance about what he should do with his business

For Abbey who is expected to be hospitalized until May for a high risk pregnancy

Dorothy Wear (healing and recovery)

For whole body healing

Please pray for a parishioner who is worried about back surgery her daughter may be undergoing to relieve her chronic pain; may God also guide the surgeon in his care of this woman

For a son and his children to reunite

Prayers for physical healing for medical issues in the past year; pray that it will be resolved soon

Earle Putnam (health)

For a coworker's sister who just got diagnosed with lung cancer

Jim Raines (deceased)

Prayers for a mother and her 3 year old son to have food and groceries for Easter and for a friend so send the money he offered; for the Lord to favor them once more and provide for them and allow the mother to provide for them by working; also for her sister in London - that she will be able to pay her taxes and that the two of them will have a close relationship again as they once did; for God to bless her sister on her birthday (April 1st)

For a 10 year old grandson to begin liking some of the foods that are on his medical diet

Dan Powell, 61 years old, who has been diagnosed with Stage Three aggressive cancer and also needs open heart surgery but cannot until the cancer has been treated effectively; his family would greatly appreciate prayers

For the correct diagnosis, treatment, and healing of a 15 year old boy; cast out any evil spirits attacking him; send the Holy Spirit to heal him in body, mind, soul, and spirt, to fill him with peace, joy, love, understanding, and kindness, and pour many graces and blessings upon him.  Please heal all of the family's relationships

For the soul of Olive Brosius, who passed away March 23rd

Linda Tendollen (health) and for her husband Dave during this difficult time



February 2018

Grace Sledge (continued strength and healing)

Kaitamaria Pounds (21 years old,in ICU, non-responsive with flu-type symptoms)

For 8-yr-old Alexa who will be having surgery February 8th. Pray for a successful surgery and full recovery; also for Alexa to manage her pain and for relief from the fear of the upcoming surgery.

Tiffany Nealan (recovery from cancer surgery)

For faith, mental health, and happiness

For someone who is feeling lost and all alone

For a spouse who died three years ago this week

For a son who is having a difficult time with his Catholic faith

Jane Holcomb, who has the flu

Tom, who is suffering from a painful nerve irritation affecting his left leg

Karen Harmon (healing and recovery)

Prayers to find a job (one that is a sitting job at a computer) and for the Lord to send financial help

For the respose of the soul of Kathleen and comfort for her family

For comfort for Ruben, who has begun hospice, and strength for his wife, Judee

Please pray for a treatment to be found for Steve, who has a recurrence of a very rare type of metastatic thymus cancer

Prayers for Leslie's breathing capacity, which is declining

For spiritual health, my wife's conversion, and that of her children and their families; that they will return to the faith or strengthening of their faith

For the souls of Tammi, George, Lois, Oscar, both grandpas and grandmas, Bea, Freddy, Marie, Ray, Alice, and Wilfred

For an annulment request to go through the system quickly and be granted soon

For the salvation of a family

For a friend who is in grave trouble and facing a very serious disaster in life and hasn't been reached by phone or email for several weeks

For schizophrenia to be cured and a return to the faith and becoming spiritually healthy

For a son to return to the church

Safety while traveling in April

Jeff Cox (healing)

Patricia Emry (deceased)

Diane Hunter (for positive outcome in upcoming surgery Thursday, March 1st)

For a private intention

For Link, 10 years old, and Iridium, 5 years old, that Jesus will walk with them in their illnesses.

Helen Valent (hospitalized)

Healing and strength for Joel Brandon who was just diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, and comfort for his family

For Maggie to find employment

Comfort for Christina and Justin who just experienced a second miscarriage


January 2018

Josepha B. Ada (deceased)

For a 10 year old grandson to be reminded that Jesus is with him when he has his infusion treatments, and his sister, 5, that she continue to improve in her health

Steve, who was just diagnosed with recurrent lung cancer

Leslie, who is feeling weak from her ALS condition; also pray that she can find a gifted and compassionate caregiver

For a daughter, her husband, and his parents to come to the Catholic faith; to stop their arguments and be blessed with peace, hope, understanding, and be supportive to each other; to be secure in their homes, workplaces, and to obtain permanent jobs; to be blessed with the gift of healthy, God fearing children in Jesus Christ and Mary

Please continue to pray for my three grandchildren's health

Please pray for the salvation of a family and for strength for both husband and wife to endure very tough job situations

For a parishioner's sister who is very ill

Prayers for the recently deceased Mary and Martha

For Joseph who is battling a rare disease

For Angelina, Joseph, and their entire family's health

Betty Bowman

Susie (recovery following heart surgery)

Fannie (to tolerate the chemotherapy she will be starting soon for lung cancer)

Joseph (94 years old and undergoing surgery for a fractured hip)

Teresa Brands (that she may find the source of her pain and a cure for it)

For a 21 year old who had a car accident - the injury he sustained only 5% of people survive - he had cervical fusion surgery and is moving all extremities, but the doctors say he will never be able to move his neck side to side or up and down

Rita (Allen Rogers sister) who had a massive stroke.  She is not a Christian, so prayers for her salvation are imperative right now.  Thank you so much for helping us pray for this precious soul.

For all the Holy Souls in purgatory, for stopping abortions, for the united hearts of Jesus and Mary to triumph and reign, for everlasting world peace, for lukewarm people and lukewarm priests, for happy and peaceful hearts, for darkness to be lifted from the world and be replaced with light from God, for humanity to recognize God's dominion over all mankind, for St. Michael's shield of truth to be placed over all nations, and for the conversion of the heart of the world.

Dave (continued recovery following open heart surgery)

Prayers for Jana, who is in a coma in ICU and on a respirator.  The doctors are uncertain as to the cause; my God help Jana, her family, and her entire medical team during this crisis.

Emy Gabriel and her family as she undergoes chemotherapy for cancer

A parishioners 5-year-old family member contracted the flu, developed pneumonia, and has been in the pediatric ICU for over five weeks; please pray for healing, strength, and peace of mind for the family

Kent Jackson (health)

Rita (a parishioner's sister-in-law, who recently suffered a heart attack and stroke)

Maria Padilla (mother of Maria Nicacio) for doctors to determine the right course of treatment for cancer; pray that the cancer is operable; pray for the family as they care for her

John Goelze (for successful cancer surgery and healing)

Prayers for Hilary, open her heart to God, freeing her from an extremely bad relationship

For Larry, who is carrying an extremely heavy burden right now

Sharon Callaghan (health)

Cheryl Dlc Cabrera (healing and recovery)

Victoria DelaCruz

For God to guide children to finish their education and to find proper discipline in life

Bonnie, who has lung cancer, may she find peace as she goes through this difficult time

Charleen Bragg

For a co-worker who was diagnosed with cancer and will undergo chemotherapy and surgery in the upcoming weeks.  He is grateful for each moment of the day and a constant reminder to us to be thankful in all things.  Please pray for his health.



December 2017

For a married couple to be blessed with peace, hope, understanding, and support for one another; to be secure in their home, workplaces, and to obtain permanent jobs; to be blessed with the gift of children 

For a son who has converted to Islam, his wife and children - that they are healed and come to Jesus Christ 

For a brother who has been married five times

For a private intention

Allen Coate (healing and encouragement)

Lisa Davis (in hospice)

Michelle Brennan (health)

Janice Hansen (health)

Carla McGowan (health)

For a private intention

Godofredo Del Rosario (deceased)

Lourdes Briones Fedalizo (deceased)

Bill & Monica Amyx and family

Prayers to receive the greatest miracle in life

For a pregnancy to make it to full term and for the health of the baby

For a grandson to have positive results on an MRI, and for two other grandchildren, who are also sick

Paula Engel (for a successful outcome on surgery this week)

Marisol (healing and spiritual fortitude)

For Diego's vocation

Healing for Cheryl's Dad

George Zelinski (healing from cancer)

Bianca Perez

For a husband who injured his foot and is off work, and his wife who had shoulder surgery; prayers for healing, recovery, and for peace in their souls as they have no income right now

Sharnice Cyprien (for a miracle in life)

Racheal Dizon

Prayers for a 9 month old baby who is having heart surgery

Prayers for a 10 year old grandson who has a chronic medical condition and a 5 year old granddaughter who is awaiting diagnosis of a medical problem.  Please pray that their pain will be replaced with joy.

Prayers for Joseph, who is having retina surgery

Leo Refil (deceased)

For the eternal rest of the soul of Jesus Manuel Espinoza, one year after his departure on December 23, 2016 to meet the Lord

Travis Feucht



November 2017   

Prayers for a positive outcome on a family situation

Prayers for good results on an upcoming trial date

Raymond Le Roux (successful cancer treatment)

To be luckier in life and for more success; for friends who are sick and poor; to remain in good health and be a good Christian woman; to succeed in studies Salvadora E. Aton

For money to buy groceries, to get a good house to live in, and to find a job that will pay enough money for the necessities

Healing for a special family

Nancy Brennan

Prayers for a private intention

For a friend who is undergoing a lung CT scan to see if his lung cancer is in remission

For lung tumors to respond to chemotherapy; prayers for the entire family

Lisa Davis (health)

To be a committed and hard working student; pray that the Almighty might grant wisdom, understanding, and persistence to approach education with seriousness and importance

To overcome a long time addiction to alcohol before losing family, as they are being pushed away due to verbal abuse when under the influence; for health and mental stability

Healing prayers for Mitch, who has stage 4 colon cancer

Healing from insomnia and fatigue and full restoration of health - that God's loving presence may be felt

For God to create a new path in life and to help with the battle of bipolar disorder; also for new employment opportunities Leslie (who recently had a worsening of her ALS; prayers for her to be able to have restful sleep at night)

For a family whose children have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses and disabilities

To be blessed with the gift of a baby, secured jobs, and a home

For a wayward son and his family

Allen Coate (healing and recovery)

For a family member who was clean and sober for many years and is now back on drugs and alcohol

Iridium (only 5 years old and currently being evaluated by a gastroenterologist for a very serious possible disease)




Answered Prayers

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