Prayer List

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

"Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray.  Is anyone in good spirits?  He should sing praise.  Is anyone among you sick?  He should summon the presbyters of the church, and they should pray over him and anoint [him] with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up.  If he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven."   - James 5:13-15 

Please pray for:



Prayers for the sale of a house

For someone to remove pictures of an exgirlfriend from all social media; to respect the feelings of his current girlfriend and to focus on the relationship

For a private intention

Baby K inutero with a possible heart condition

For Fred Benoit's recovery, and strength for both he and Mary during his illness

For Nancy to find a teaching position

For St. Anthony to find a buyer for our home

For Ernie and his family to feel God's embrace as he deals with physical and emotional pain from metastatic cancer

Sylvia Degorski (in the hospital with a heart problem)

For a private intention

For a private intention

For aid in selling a house

For improved family relations

Comfort for someone suffering from cancer

Prayers for a Holy Redeemer parishioner who is having serious health issues

Healing from cancer

For a dear friend who found his way back to God; for him to continue to feel God's loving embrace

To find full time employment quickly

For success in both professional and personal life

For financial success

For the repose of the soul of Theresa Sadoway

For the healing of Tamara's right arm/shoulder blade, as she has been experiencing severe pain

Healing for a good friend

For a son in an extremely difficult situation in the military, he is discouraged and struggling; also, his life's ambition is to be accepted to the US Naval Academy or another academy; please pray that God will help him to be accepted and that God will lead him to the best thing for his life; prayers also for his mom

For a private intention

For a private intention

For a private intention

Phyllis Clancy (health)

For a safe flight overseas for a parishioner and safe travels the next 2 weeks

For a troubled teenage daughter dealing with depression and social pressures

Recovery and healing for a mother and her mentally ill daughter

Chloe Pierce




For a cousin in New York who just found out she has cancer and will be starting chemotherapy next week

For a grown son with a drug addiction

For a private intention

For Craig Schindler in his fight against cancer

For a private intention

For a private intention

For Ed Henry, who is donating a part of his liver to his sister July 9th

For a private intention

For the repose of the soul of Gary Kissel

For a private intention

For a private intention

For Stephen Harris' father, Col. James E. Harris, who has only a few days left to live

For a pregnant daughter doing drugs

Dan (45 years old) who is recovering from a heart attack

May the Lord allow St. Anthony to bring a buyer for a parishioners home this month

Shauna, suffering from anorexia

For a private intention

Fred Benoit (health)

To be strengthened in finances; to have all evil forces destroyed

For a good job to support the children; for housing for the mother & children; prayers for God to give her the strength to walk away from a bad & loveless marriage; for peace in life and forgiveness of sins

For a private intention

For the doctors to accurately diagnose a mass on the liver and be able to treat it

For a private intention

For a private intention

For a family crisis to end soon and for healing of family members

Alan Ledford (healing)

Mary Jane Moriarty

Sonja Calcagno

David Schwehr

Dottie Schwehr

Letty Wade

Ian Verzosa

Raymundo Verzosa

Rudy Estigoy

For a private intention 

For Michelangelo to find his way home and become the person he used to be before making wrong decisions

Steve Weinmuller (health)

For the repose of the soul of Joan Pearson

For the repose of the soul of Richard Lamia

Susan Gerald (for the best outcome for her illness)

For Jerrica - urgent prayers needed as she is hospitalized for an infection following surgery last week and is now having an allergic reaction to one of the medications

For a private intention

To find healing, love, support, and community after a devastating separation and divorce

The health of a coworker




For a private intention

For a private intention

For a private intention

To receive a very great and special miracle in life

For Catholic schools to be flooded with admissions worldwide

For God to comfort those fearing unemployment

For Carlos to continue to improve from his stroke

For Leslie to feel God's loving support as she experiences the physical burdens of ALS

For a dear friend and brother, Pastor Jay McKenney, who is in OHSU for the 9th day in a very desperate health condition

To be set free from all alcohol/drug/cigarette addictions; to be delivered from mental illness and be willing to go to counseling; to be gifted with a submissive spirit and to return to the Church

For a private intention

For in utero Baby K. who might be born with a heart condition

For recovery from drug addiction

Ronald Bitter

Lorraine Bitter

Lester Worcester

For Grace to recover from a low blood sodium level requiring her to be hospitalized

For the rapid healing of Debbie's fractured arm

Susan Gerald's (serious heart condition)

For a private intention

Debra Roettger (healing and rapid recovery)

Healing from a mental illness; to be blessed with abundant grace and bring peace, joy, and love to the entire family

For God to manifest a promise made to Him

To receive a special miracle in life

For rapid healing of Pauline Nirschl's wrist

For Nancy to find a teaching job and be comforted in her sorrow

For Victoria to successfully pass the California bar exam

For Lisa to return to following the word of God and heal her relationship with her mother

For good health

For a job

To be cured completely from Stage 2 breast cancer and live a long and healthy life; for a speedy and full recovery from the cancer sugery

For those dealing with flareups of irritable bowel disease, Chrons, Colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis, that they may be embraced by God's healing touch

Irene, who is having surgery July 9th at Good Samaritan Hospital

For a private intention

For Rachel (cancer surgery today)

For healing of a painful hernia coming out of the stomach; for wisdom on knowing when to have eye surgery done

For a son and daughter facing very serious challenges as teenagers; especially prayers for the father/daughter relationship

For anxiety about a personal situation that is difficult to handle




For a friend undergoing heart surgery next week and for the surgeons performing the surgery

For the sale of a home

For Lisa to return to her walk with God and be rescued from a very toxic relationship

For conversion of Andreas and Hossain

For healing of parent-child relationships

For the comfort of the Holy Souls in Purgatory

For the sick and dying and their caregivers to be sustained by God's love

Cameron Smith (health)

For private intentions

Vivian Gilmore (very ill with pneumonia and needs prayers for her recovery)

For a private intention

Kylie Bacewich (Newborn in NICU - healing prayers and to be able to go home soon)

Manuel Quidachay (health and healing)

For a private intention

Roy Brennan (pancreatic cancer)

Fletcher Cochran (kidney failure)

Kay Bolke (for successful surgery, healing, and recovery)

Healing for Judy Rieger, who has diabetes and an infection in her foot; she may lose part of her foot and she is scared

For God to send a Christian wife, a job opportunity, and financial blessings

For a private intention

Kara Thorkildson and her newborn Kenzie

For Jim, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer

For a new place to live after recently becoming homeless

Comfort and healing for Carlos who recently had a stroke

For Maddie to find help for her neurological disorder

For a private intention

For Vivian's continued recovery from a major illness 
For Alex to turn his life over to God and feel his loving embrace as he seeks help for his mental illness and alcoholism

Rosie Varone

Paul Williamson

Struggling with divorce and reconnecting with faith in God after being away from the church for many years; struggles in bringing children back into the church

For a teenage son dealing with autism and schizophrenia

For an adult daughter struggling with multiple health issues and who doesn't attend Mass or any church.

Rachel (having surgery for cancer in June)

For a daughter who is having social and emotional difficulties

For two young daughters who are being negative about church

Monica, who is having jaw bone cancer surgery on May 28th in Portland; pray that God will guide the four surgeons during the surgery, which will last about 10 hours; prayers for a positive outcome.

For the health of Diane R.

For someone who is going through a divorce

John Essman (health & recovery)

To find employment to support a mother and her 6 month old son

For the Lord to touch the heart of a husband to rebuild the marriage; also for his conversion to set an example for the children

For Ernie's health problem to be diagnosed and for strength for Kate and Gregg, his caregivers

For a private intention

For a private intention

For in utero Baby K. who might be born with a heart condition

Sonny Versoza  (health)




For marriage, family, forgiveness, unity, love, and peace

For a private intention

For courage to walk through a door that God will open

For a private intention

To get completely out of trouble without being separated from family

Jerry St. John

For a good husband; prayers that the Holy Spirit will help guide a future husband to me

For a mother and her 4-year-old son, that the Lord will lead them to a good place to live and have the provisions financially during this Easter season; to have a great Easter; for her son to be blessed and protected

For a sister in London

Blessings for a son as he returns home from treatment for depression and anger; ask the Lord to heal him and bring peace to all of the family relationships; cast out any evilness surrounding the family

John Goelze

Trinity Paulsen

For the repose of the souls of Eugene and Geraldine Rizzo, and Carol Rizzo Michael

Improved health for a parishioner dealing with kidney stones

May God help those seeking employment to find jobs

For a couple struggling with current problems related to a past mistake; may the husband embrace the message of Divine Mercy

For Leslie to be comforted by God as she deals with end stage ALS

For a successful home sale

Prayers for a good husband; that a future husband will be guided by the Holy Spirit

For a wife to be free of depression and PTSD, and return to the marriage

Margaret Todd (full recovery after having a stroke)

For a healing miracle due to dental problems

Dottie Lorbeer (healing and recovery)

Mark Aguirre

Nathan Cothran (for dental problems and to avoid possible surgery)

Joshua Doyle, that he be healed body and soul

Richard Kingsberry (Vietnam veteran) and his family, that his body may be healed

John Schaffers, who is undergoing a new study for ALS

Evelyn "Evie", a 4 year old girl, recently diagnosed with cancer and will have to undergo painful procedures, and for her whole family during this difficult time

Charles Bonefeole, that he opens his heart to God and overcomes fears

Ralph Bonefeole (deceased) that he is at peace and with Our Lord

For a private intention

Roy Brennan (diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that is also in his prostate and liver); he is a parishioner at All Saints Parish in Puyallup

For someone going through difficult times

For Peggy to heal from her fractured hip

For James to have a speedy recovery following hip surgery

Comfort for Leslie as her ALS worsens

For Rita's back pain and mobility difficulties to be resolved

Comfort for Carrie and her family

For God to intervene in a financially difficult family situation and for the right decisions to be made

For a private intention

For David, who will undergo heart procedures this week




Patrick Schaffran (stomach disorder)

For the recovery of Pastor Stephen from Northcrest Church who is hospitalized with pneumonia

For comfort and healing for Kate who is dealing with low back pain and sciatica

Ronald Bitter (health)

Patrick Schaffran (stomach disorder)

For James to recover from his seizures and for strength for his family

Shannon Byler (health)

For Joanie's general health to improve

For Terri, who has been dealing with pancreatic cancer for the past few years and is now facing surgery for a fractured hip

For Pam to regain her strength and get well from a respiratory condition

For James to have successful hip surgery next month

For Nancy to be sustained physically and mentally as she cares for her spouse Rick who has dementia; for Rick's health we also pray

May Bill feel God's love as he deals with lung cancer

For a meeting to go well and the employer to pay a good salary

For a private intention

For God to provide a Catholic prayer partner to grow in the faith

For Evelyn (child) to recover from a severe intestinal flu

For Fr. Nathe to recover from his respiratory infection

For Rick to recover from his stroke

For a couple to be protected from Satan's attack on their marriage

For a daughter to make wise choices

For intentions to be brought to the wisdom, protection, and love of God

For people to open their hearts and accept the mercy of the Lord in their lives

Prayers for help with employment and finances

For a private intention

Candace Wilson (health)

For a repentant spirit and to be delivered from all spiritual attacks from Satan

For discernment and direction, wisdom, and courage; that God's will may be made perfectly clear and that it may be accomplished

Rita Zuiderveld (health)

Lorraine (dementia and is very ill right now)

For a private intention

For life to be lived in God's will and not for demon's will, in all ways and always

Rachel (cancer)




A family member battling drug addiction

Prayers for mercy and grace

Ron Maudsley (to get better and to find peace and happiness)

For Jesus to heal unusual blemishes on the face and for it not to be skin cancer; please ask Archangel Raphael to intercede

For Lisa to return to the Catholic Church  and end her relationship that is influencing in wrong ways

For the well being of the Hincapie and Kissel families

For Dee-Dee's biopsy to return benign

For the comfort of the holy souls in purgatory

For an end to abortion

Jack Mahoney

Joy (healing prayers for breast cancer)

Kay Bolke

Jerry Patterson, who is in hospice dying of cancer; may God grant him peace

For a private intention

For the improved health of Annette Guy and Rita Alacron

For the well being of all who are homebound

For Victoria to pass the bar exam

For the lonely and forgotten

For a private intention

For a stronger relationship between friends who just started speaking to each other again after a bad fight

Safe travels for Emma

For a private intention

For a private intention

For a young man that just had his hand cut off; he is at OHSU, and they were able to attach the hand again, but he needs lots of prayers for healing, restoration, and emotional support for him and his family

Healing after a traumatic event

Gabriel & Gavin Rose - protection from abuse and the secular court system that doesn't respect their faith or Christian upbringing

For a private intention

For all those who battle with anxiety; may God bless them and give them peace

For a daughter and her family to come to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ

For a private intention

For a family friend going through diagnostic tests for cancer

For a college student losing his way; may he find the peace of heart to come back to the Church

For Leslie to be comforted during her health difficulties from ALS, particularly with worsening of her shortness of breath

For Stephen's gums to heal well following recent surgery

For Victoria's success on taking the bar exam this week

For the salvation of a family - that all come to know Jesus as Savior, Lord, and Life; pray especially for a daughter who needs immediate divine intervention from demonic oppression that is causing her serius harm

For Pam to recover from her ongoing respiratory ailment and heal well following eye surgery

David & Dottie Schwehr

To be delivered and set free from evil spirits and to find happiness and God's love with spiritual gifts

May Sheri's pain and sadness be eased by God's healing ways

Heavenly Father, pray for Thy intentions regarding the conversion of clone abusers

Ric Sadler (neck injury)




Answered Prayers

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