Prayer List

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

"Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray.  Is anyone in good spirits?  He should sing praise.  Is anyone among you sick?  He should summon the presbyters of the church, and they should pray over him and anoint [him] with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up.  If he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven."   - James 5:13-15 

Please pray for:



Healing for Kristen

Lorraine Constance Gourley (illness)

To be found not guilty at a trial and for innocence to be proved

For reconciliation, forgiveness, peace, and for God to soften and touch a heart; for freedom from pain

For conversion and a return to the true Holy Catholic Doctrine and the Holy Sacraments; to make sense of ones life, to be brave, and to accomplish good things in life

John Schaffer (diagnosed with ALS) prayers that he gets into a study for his type genetic ALS and that he will receive the new meds rather than a placebo; this study has never been tested on humans

For a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift Joshua's mood and health as he is only 36 years old, with 4 small children, and is fighting a brain cancer tumor

For family reconciliation and healing of wounds in body, spirit, and soul; for firm spiritual and moral grounding in the Roman Catholic faith; for financial stability, that God will grant to us His most merciful response through the intercessions of Heaven, Earth, and Purgatory; also for the intentions of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

For Julia and Kris James and their child that they lost through a miscarriage; May God surround them with his peace and love as he welcomes their child into heaven

Mary Coughlin, who is recovering from surgery; prayers for improvement, encouragment, and trust in the Lord

For a private intention




For God to keep a son safe and to protect him from a very dangerous situation; also that he will not be forced to ever leave school or home, that he will be allowed to stay in school and finish school, and to remain in his home; also that God gives him wisdom and draws him close to God

For a private intention

For a private intention

Errol Graves

Walt Leonard

For the repose of the soul of Mercedes Kanto

Gloria (Pat) Bontemps (healing and recovery)

For the repose of the souls of Quinn and Cy

For an estranged family member; prayers for reconciliation and healing

Krystal Johnson

For family members to come back to Jesus and trust in Him again

For a coworkers  wife who has contracted the mono virus again; she needs healing and support

Chuck Williamson (for successful knee surgery September 11th)

Prayers for the end to sex trafficking and the loss of innocence

For Brian Willis - may God keep him well as he travels worldwide to assist mothers and their children; may Global Health Promise be guided by the Holy Spirit and blessed with the finances and volunteers to carry out its mission

For a successful open heart surgery, healing, and recovery

For the repose of the soul of Jose Luis Q. Perez

For a private intention

For a personal situation; for trust in God and for Him to hear the prayers

For John to respond to an epidural injection he received for low back nerve pain

For a parishioner who is suffering from multiple gastrointestinal problems and food allergies

Suzette Madsen (healing and recovery)

Linda Rutledge (successful surgery, healing, & recovery)

Prayers for a parishioner who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; may she and her husband continue to feel the sustaining love of God and draw daily strength from it

For the conversion of Chuck and Shiny

For evil spirits to leave the mind and to be delivered, set free, and healed in soul, mind, and philosophy; to receive spiritual gifts and be lifted up to God

For a family member, a friend, and all who are victims of cancer

For a young friend and her surgical team as she undergoes surgery September 28th to remove a cancerous mass from her spine

For Brett Kavanaugh and his family, that God's strength replaces his weariness, making him able to endure his trials; may truth win out; for our country, which surely must eventually suffer consequences for its godlessness, that Jesus will have mercy on us




For a private intention; for the situation to be obviously wonderful once and for all

For Leslie, who is experiencing severd abdominal discomfort and nausea; she is having progressive shortness of breath due to advancing ALS; pray for physical improvement and spiritual strength during this difficult time

For a parishioner's son to get the psychiatric help he needs and that he finds housing and employment; prayers that his family is comforted and sustained by God during this difficult period

For the repose of the soul of Shawn Marie

Rose Montag (health)

A troubled marriage

Kent Jackson

Janice Hansen

For the repose of the soul of Christopher Palles

Healing for a 16 year old - for mental stability, understanding, empathy, charity, a calm spirit, clarity of thought, forgiveness, and Godly judgment; heal all family relationships and help us to love each other and love Jesus more

For a 16 year old dealing with an eating disorder; pray that she may be healed and for help getting through the healing process; prayers for her parents to know how to best support her and each other

Christine Garcin (health)

For the health of Christine; may the doctors be enlightened as to which course of treatment will be best for her; may she and her family be sustained during this time by God's love and mercy

For a private intention

Prayers to see clearly in life what is important, to make family commitment a top priority, and to realize that a relationship should be a partnership; to stop listening to all the negative influences; also to find a career path that is right for the whole family

For the victims of physical and mental abuse and for accountability, transparency, and healing within the Catholic Church

For mental, physical, and spiritual well-being for all caregivers

For God to restore what Satan has taken away and reconcile a relationship

For someone who was diagnosed with inoperable cancer; prayers for strength during this difficult time

For a family to be able to get out of their current living situation and have the finances to be able to rent somewhere; also the finances for school, groceries, and other provisions

Cheryl Burdyshaw (healing and recovery)

For conversion and to make decisions in accordance with God's plan




Please pray to get out of trouble without going to prison; prayers for the whole family

For the healing touch of our Lord Jesus on an undiagnosed condition that drains your energy

David, a 75 year old man having open heart surgery July 6th

Gary Custodio (deceased)

For Jesus to heal a 15 year old son so he can go home and for the doctor to successfully adjust his medication so he is less irritable and has more insight; pray for an abundance of peace, joy, love, self control, forgiveness, and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the whole family

Art Albright (diagnosed with ALS)

For a private intention

For positive results on a tumor growing in the thyroid

For healing of carpal tunnel/arthritis pain

For a family to come to know Jesus

For a friends father who was hospitalized for sepsis due to an intestinal infection; may he respond well to the IV antibiotics and have a quick recovery; prayers for his family's comfort

Healing for an eating disorder

For a couple preparing for marriage; may the Lord bless their relationship to grow closer to one another, to God, and in holiness together

Prayers for a man who suffered a severe heart attack that he be healed completely

For mental and emotional health

For reconciliation and to forgive each other; for struggles with pain and a broken heart; prayers to soften and touch a heart

For Anne to have successful foot and ankle surgery on July 20th

Recovery and healing for Jack Mahoney (Marybeth Yee's father) who is in the hospital in Boston

Strength and patience for both Jack and his wife Carol as he recuperates at home after surgery

Hope and healing for Bill, whose health is failing; he has fallen away from the Church

Prayers to heal a marriage and to bless the teenage children; fill the family with peace, joy, hope, and love

For a home to sell quickly

Healing from cancer and success with chemo and radiation; may the Lord heal her and take care of her

Carla Davis (brain cancer and on hospice)

For a private intention

For the repose of the soul of Alberto Lopez Martinez

Juan Camacho Diaz (five year death anniversary on July 31st)

Please pray that the doctors caring for Hermelanda will be able to figure out why she feels ill; may God shed light on this situation

Prayers that Marilyn's bone marrow biopsy return normal

For Lynn, may the emotional sorrow she is bearing be eased by God's love

Prayers for emotional trauma and health, especially for Meniere's syndrome

For the repose of the soul of Pablo Quintero 




John Tyler, a 2nd grader, who keeps having bouts of high fever; the doctors are struggling to figure out what is causing them

Prayers for Link, 10 years old, who has Crohns, and for his Remicade infusions to work

For the repose of the soul of former parishioner Bernice Renner

Cindy Huetter (health)

For a private intention

For a 15 year old who is receiving counseling and treatment, pray that he gets the help he needs; pray for healing, recovery, safety, insight, understanding, acceptance, peace, joy, love, and forgiveness; also prayers for the family for peace that surpasses all understanding and a great love of God

Kobe Howard (recovery & healing)

Prayers for Joseph who has been hospitalized with heart issues

For a family to forgive and understand each other, to talk to each other and spend time together

Trevor Brosius (positive results, healing, and recovery)

For good news on an upcoming biopsy

Prayers to pass an exam

For Darlene McDonald, who will be undergoing surgery this week for a brain tumor; pray that Our Lord guides the surgeon's hands, that the surgery is successful, the tumor non-cancerous, and for a complete recovery

Judy Rogers (successful surgery, recovery and healing)

For Irene, who is going through a very difficult time; please pray for her and her whole family to turn to Jesus

For a college student with severe insomnia; pray for healing and release from this illness so that college studies can be continued

Dottie Schwehr (Healing)



For successful heart surgery this week

For a high score on the IELTS exam, a good career, and easy migration to another country

Parishioner Elma Malloy who had a brain aneurysm and two surgeries, but is having many complications; please also pray for her husband and children

Prayers for Link, who is only allowed liquids, that his intestines may heal

For Gabby's recovery and conversion

For Vivian's back surgery to go well and for her to have a speedy and uneventful recovery

For Reyes and Ray's health and peace

Darrell Badertscher (healing and speedy recovery after surgery)

For a parishioner's sister who is in a care home following a car accident; she is in need of healing from a physical illness and a delicate emotional condition

For the repose of the souls of Kevin Dooney and his nephew Sean Dooney

For a family to come to know Jesus

To find a job quickly after being informed that the place of employment is closing in June; this puts a family in dire financial jeopardy with only one income

George Wetzel (speedy recovery)

For physical, spiritual, and mental healing of cancer

For a 15 year old boy to have understanding, empathy, charity, mental stability, a calm spirit, and Godly judgement

Bless family relationships; help us all love each other and love Jesus

For the repose of the soul of MaryAnn Bock

For a friend who has a large bone cancer tumor growing on the base of her spine and is causing a great deal of pain; surgery may not be possible

Jenna Farland (recovery & healing)

Linda Fehlen (healing)

For a family in Tualatin that has experienced a horrific tragedy

Phil Henderson

Prayers to be spared a prison sentence for someone who got in trouble but did not hurt anyone or commit any violence

Please pray for insight, understanding, acceptance, peace, joy, love, and forgiveness; also for healing, recovery, and safety; pray that a son can come home from a treatment facility soon and for the family to have peace

For the respose of the soul of Greg Noble

Prayers to be not afraid

Tom Kelly (wisdom for the doctors, recovery, and healing)

For the repose of the soul of Anthony Quinata

For the repose of the soul of Jose Aquiningoc

Continue to pray for a parishioner with some job issues; pray for the salvation of the entire family

For someone recently diagnosed with breast cancer; for wisdom to make the right decisions, for the doctors to come up with the best treatment plan, and for healing and recovery




For a parishioner's grandmother who is gravely ill in another country; the grandson has traveled to care for her and locate medical treatment; please pray for successful treatment and pain relief and also for safe travels, successful access to medical care, and peace of heart

Prayers for a friend who has been in and out of the hospital three times since January

For the repose of the soul of Nelda

For Mike, who recently underwent a tracheotomy for failing respiratory health

For Lee, who is dealing with several debilitating health conditions

Rosemarie Montag (health and positive results on an upcoming medical test)

Prayers that my home in Vancouver will sell quickly and if lucky to another Catholic family who will enjoy being a part of the Holy Redeemer family and grow in faith as much as I have (Sharon Pahl)

Mary Benoit (successful shoulder surgery, healing, and recovery)

Thanksgiving for the safety of all residents in a home accident

Thanksgiving for a successful interview in a new organization and continued success in the new environment

For an unemployed son who has abandoned the Catholic faith and is stealing

Hope and healing for Bill Marler who is very ill and is refusing food and liquids

Prayers that a medical staff will correctly diagnose, treat, and heal a 15 year old boy who has multiple symptoms, including elevated liver function and extreme irritability; pray that any evilness attacking him is cast out and he is healed spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally; restore all family relationships and bathe them in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit

Michelle Lister (terminal cancer)

Bill Hoelscher (throat cancer)

Elaine Murray (successful surgery, recovery, and healing)

To be blessed with the gift of a child after being married four years

For job security

To be healed of migraines

Ken Wheeler (for a successful surgery and recovery)

For a speedy recovery

For a private intention for a deceased family member

For a Christian friend whose sister-in-law is battling lung cancer; pray that she comes to know Jesus and His peace; also that the friend comes closer to Jesus during this time

Prayers for a successful job search and for positive results in a job interview today in Portland; please pray for a job situation with Christian coworkers

For a 15 year old son who needs healing from his illness, anger, and confusion; bathe him in the Holy Spirit and flood him with understanding, forgiveness, peace, joy, and love; heal the entire family

Janice Hansen (health)

Gillian Johnson (health)

Piper Rossler (health)

Stephanie June Sutton-Davis (awaiting heart transplant)

MaryAnn Bock

Prayers to help Dominic take his medication; bathe him in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and heal him; fill him with the love of God and respect for his mom and dad.  Help Dominic complete his school work with a nice attitude and help him do a great job on it.  Heal the entire family and send angels to guide and protect them.




Answered Prayers

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