Monday, November 16, 2020 at 11:58 AM

Community Grant Outreach

The mission of the Community Grant Outreach Committee of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church is to act as honest, concerned, and prayerful stewards distributing 2% of our parishioner’s offerings to help those in need. We will allocate the tithing funds of our parish to the best of our ability. We will look for those places that will have the greatest and longest lasting benefit. We will keep with the Church’s teaching that support the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. The maximum grant amount is $5,000.

What is parish tithing?
It is a first, new step for Holy Redeemer to distribute back to qualified applicants a portion of our ordinary income for out-reach.

Why are we doing this?
All our gifts come from God, and we are called to share them with others. This is true for us as individuals and it is also true for Holy Redeemer Parish.

How is the effort funded?
The funds come from our ordinary income. Ordinary income is comprised of the weekly collection and Holy Day collections. Our contribution for Parish Tithing is two percent of our ordinary income.

Who is eligible for the money?
Qualified applicants meeting the criteria set forth by the committee and approved by the pastor.

How can I submit an organization for consideration?
Click the button below!

To submit an organization for consideration, please click on the button below and e-mail any required documentation to Ed Brands at, or turn it in to the office.

Community Grant Outreach Application Form