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First Sacraments preparation typically occurs once a child reaches the age of reason: 7 years (around 2nd grade).  Although, it is not unusual for First Sacraments to be delayed in order for the child receive adequate preparation and fulfill necessary requirements set by the parish. Preparation for the First Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist (Communion) at Holy Redeemer is incorporated into the regular faith formation classes, with two half-day retreats and rehearsal. 



Children who seek First Sacraments at Holy Redeemer must fulfill the following criteria:  

  • Must have been registered in faith formation for at least one year prior to the year child is expected to receive his/her First Sacraments (with minimum of 80% attendance).
  • Must be in second grade or above.
  • Turn in child's Baptism Certificate to the Faith Formation Office
  • Sign and turn in the Parent Contract to the Faith Formation Office
  • Parents must attend scheduled meetings/parent receptions.
    • First Parent Meeting: Sunday October 21 at 9:30AM OR 4:30PM
    • Second Parent Meeting: Sunday January 6 at 9:30AM OR 4:30PM
      • If the 9:30 Mass is your usual Mass time, either choose a different Mass time or go to the 4:30 Meeting.
  • Attend two half-day retreats and rehearsal.
    • First Reconciliation Retreat: Saturday November 17 from 8:00AM-Noon
    • First Communion Retreat: Saturday April 27 from 8:00AM-Noon
    • First Communion Pictures and Rehearsal: May 2, 2019 from 6-7:15
    • First Communion Weekend: May 4-5, 2019
      • At least one parent must be present for both retreats and rehearsal.​​​​​​

All of this and more information will be made available at the First Reconciliation Parent Reception and First Communion Parent Reception.

How to Sign Up:

Sign up for regular Faith Formation classes AND check the "First Sacraments" box (Please only do this if the child has completed one, full, proximate, year of Faith Formation with 80% attendance AND has been baptized).  Updates throughout the year will be sent through email! For questions, contact Annie.


For additional information or if you have any questions, contact Annie Cooper at



Please Read: First Sacraments are for children 7 years old or older who are already Baptized but need First Reconciliation Preparation and First Communion.  If your child is 7 years old or older and needs Baptism as well as the other sacraments, see our requirements under the "Youth Baptism" column on our Baptism Page.




Grade Level Standards:

Standards as set by the Archdiocese of Seattle (by grade level):
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4th  |  5th  |  Scripture References


Safe Environment:

If you are (age 18+) volunteering for any of Holy Redeemer's faith formation programs and have direct contact with youth, it is Archdiocesan policy that you are Safe Environment compliant.  Please visit to register for a Safe Environment Program class or to check on your status.  If you have any questions, please contact the Faith Formation office.


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