Ongoing Adult Faith Formation

Holy Redeemer provides different opportunitues throughout the year for adults to continue growing in their Catholic faith.




Daytime Bible Study: Thursdays at 10:30am

 A Biblical Walk Through the Mass                          by Edward Sri.

This five-part program takes participants on an exciting tour of the liturgy as it explores the biblical roots of the words and gestures we experience at Mass and explains their profound significance. See, perhaps for the first time, why we say what we say and do what we do every week at Mass. The words and gestures will be seen in a new light, giving new life to the liturgical experience.



Evening Bible Study: Thursdays at 6:30pm
Next session begins October 10, 2019

Fulfilled: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism by Sonja Corbitt

A study exploring the biblical roots of the Catholic Faith. It uncovers God’s consistent design for our worship of him and his relationship with us. Learn where the blueprint for the Catholic Faith was laid out in the Old Testament and how Jesus fulfilled it in the New Testament.

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Ordinary Men - Extraordinary Faith

Men's Ministry at Holy Redeemer

Meeting on most first Saturdays of the month after morning Mass. Come join us for breakfast, fellowship, and deepening faith. 

Start time: 8:45am in the Parish Hall
Finish time: 10:15am

MEN of FAITH page




Endow (Women's Groups)

Endow is a Women's Small Discipleship Group.  Each discipleship group reads together a specific study pertaining to women and faith, participate in discussion and faith-sharing, keep each other accountable on the faith journey, and support each other through life's challenges. 

For more information see Women's Ministry Page

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Interested in joining a group of other Catholic adults who are single? This is a group that is seeking friendship and community as a group. Connect with others to nurture your faith and support each other in growing in holiness. Open to all singles, 27 and older. 

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See the calendar on the Faith Formation Home Page for upcoming opportunities.