Ongoing Adult Faith Formation

Holy Redeemer provides different opportunitues throughout the year for adults to continue growing in their Catholic faith.




Bible Study

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Men of Faith

Ordinary Men - Extraordinary Faith

Men's Ministry at Holy Redeemer

Meeting on First Saturdays of the Month after morning Mass. Come join us for breakfast, fellowship, and deepening faith. 

Start time: 8:45am in the Parish Hall

Finish time: 10:15am



Endow (Women's Groups)

Endow is a Women's Small Discipleship Group.  Each discipleship group reads together a specific study pertaining to women and faith, participate in discussion and faith-sharing, keep each other accountable on the faith journey, and support each other through life's challenges. 

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Seeker of Truth, Edith Stein

Thursdays 9:30am-10:30am, Beginning Jan 4th

This study introduces women to one of the twentieth century saints John Paul II canonized during his pontificate. A young Jewish woman who suffered through the Holocaust, converted to Catholicism and found her vocation by joining the beautiful Carmelite sisters. JPII felt strongly that the world needed the example of holy men and women during these challenging times, and Endow has chosen Edith Stein as one saint in a vast galaxy to highlight. Her story encompasses elements of philosophy (particularly phenomenology, which was a strong interest of John Paul II’s), and theology and offers compelling insights into Jewish life in 1930’s Germany. She was an inspiration to women of her time and continues to be today.

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Upcoming Opportunities