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Kerygma Club





Youth Leadership Night


Wednesday, October 17, 2018 5:40pm-8:00pm in the annex

Join us for our next meeting where we will be discussing the National Dialogue, a three-phase series of conversations with Church leaders, youth and young adults, and the Church. The goals of these conversations are (1) unity in the Church related to youth and young adult ministries, (2) engagement with and listening to young people, and (3) mobilization of the faithful to build up the Church’s ministry with and for youth and young adults.

Dinner will be potluck.



Life is Christ Cafe


November 28, 2018

Come play board games and have dinner with us!
Open to all high school youth.



First Reconciliation Retreat Volunteer Opportunities!

Sign up to help with the First Reconciliation Retreat! We have a variety of opportunities to help! We need a prep team as well as people to help on the day of the retreat!

Sign up to help here!


Sunday Night Formation

If interested, to register, or for any other questions, please contact Jamie Kohler at jamiek@holyredeemervanc.org or (360) 885-7780 x13.


Kerygma Club 

Freshmen and Those New to HR High School Formation

While presenting the kerygma of Christ, youth are introduced to themes related to what it means to follow Christ by exploring the Christian anthropology of the human person, the four levels of happiness, personal giftings and God's grace, prayer, virtue, the beatitudes, redemptive suffering, and our human vocation.  We also strive for all youth have a firm grounding in basic church teachings through the 8th grade level.

Small Discipleship Groups

Launched Periodically Throughout the Year

To help youth grow in their faith and aid in the process of confirmation preparation, we ask youth to consider being part of small discipleship groups, where they will study the faith and its intersection with daily living to help them encounter Christ, hold each other accountable in their growth in virtue, and explore tough questions. These accountability groups are gender-based.  If youth choose not to participate in a SDG and they are seeking confirmation, a meeting needs to be scheduled with the formation office to discuss the alternative.

Immediate Confirmation Preparation

Those Seeking Confirmation

The initial step for entering confirmation preparation is found here.  Steps into the process may include kerygma club, the pre-confirmation retreat "Seeking Eldorado," and a letter requesting admittance into the confirmation preparation program. 


Those Who Have Already Been Confirmed

Youth meet once or twice a month as a whole group, multiple times in gender specific small groups, and are invited to take on a more active role in the formation of youth who have not reached this level.  They are an integral part of our retreat teams and faith formation for Pre-K through 8th grade. To see the Keryx calendar and other information, click here.


If interested, to register, or for any other questions, please contact Jamie Kohler at jamiek@holyredeemervanc.org or (360) 885-7780 x13.



Hospitality Schedule


Save the Dates

Summer 2019 
Ignite Youth Conference July 18-21
SteubenvilleNW Youth Conf  July 25-28


Safe Environment:

If you are (age 18+) volunteering for any of Holy Redeemer's faith formation programs and have direct contact with youth, it is Archdiocesan policy that you are Safe Environment complient.  Please visit VirtusOnline.org to register for a Safe Environment Program class or to check on your status.  If you have any questions, please contact the Faith Formation office.