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Altar Servers

Altar Servers

Altar serving is a prestigious and important position for youth, dating back over one thousand years before Christ when young Samuel served in the Temple with Eli the priest. We continue this rich tradition of Samuel, who eventually dedicated his entire life to serving God and living by God’s Word.
St. John writes in his gospel account (John 6:9) that it was a child who assisted Christ in the miracle of the loaves and fishes, bringing “. .  five barley loaves and two fish . . ”.
Young people (fourth grade through high school) wishing to work as servers must be willing to give themselves in service to the Church.  As these youth assist the priest in his ministry at Mass, they imitate the child who helped Jesus during His ministry on earth.

The Role of an Altar Server

The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. This is done through specific actions and by setting an example to the congregation by active participation in the liturgy (hymns, responses, etc.), by ‘looking alert’ and by sitting or standing at the appropriate times.
In addition, the role of an altar server is to light the candles on the altar, to carry them in procession and during the solemn singing of the Gospel; to prepare wine and water for the sacrifice of the Mass; and to assist the sacred ministers at the Mass and other public services of the Church.

The Altar Server program is directed by  the pastor of Holy Redeemer, Father Thomas Nathe.
–Altar Servers are assigned to serve at various Saturday Vigil and Sunday Masses, Holy Day Masses, Marriages and Funerals.
–Altar Servers are chosen from volunteers who have received the sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist and are at the 4th grade level or above.
–Altar servers are required to be at the church 15 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass for preparation.

For more information contact the parish office at 885-7780.