Monday, November 16, 2020 at 11:58 AM

Faith Formation Home

COVID-19 Response

Dear Families,

The love of Christ compels us!

Even though we face difficult days in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantines, we are a people of hope who know that helping others to see the light of Christ literally turns darkness into light! Over the past months, we have seen the cancellation of public Masses in the Archdiocese, limiting of group sizes from 250 down to less than 10, and finally the closing of the parish offices and cancellation of all face to face meetings. We are now having Mass at limited capacity, but other restrictions are still in place. Fr. Nathe was injured and Fr. Martin has been graciously covering for him. Given all of these changes, I wanted to assure you that we will continue to provide Faith Formation programming in spite of these limitations. We see this as an opportunity to use and experiment with technology to continue our mission. 

When our staff began to hear about the cancellation of public Mass and limited gathering sizes, we immediately shifted gears and began to think of ways in which we could be of assistance and how we could continue to share the love of Christ even though meetings were cancelling. Our priorities during this time are threefold: 1) help everyone make the Sabbath Holy, 2) continue to engage parishioners of all ages including the youth, and 3) continue to prepare for upcoming sacraments. We knew all of this would have to be done with a shift in our delivery from personal meetings to online. We will need your help to be successful in this transition and meeting our objectives.

Some things we have done, and are planning:

  • Keep Holy the Sabbath
    • We are helping to record Mass at Holy Redeemer
    • We will provide preK through 5th grade lessons with family ideas and prayers
  • Engage Parishioners
    • We are shifting on-going small groups to Zoom online meetings with mentors
    • We are using video and online meetings to do HS and MS lessons
  • Sacramental Preparation
    • We conducted First Communion and Confirmation Masses in the Summer
    • We are using video for Confirmation lessons
    • We are hosting RCIA meetings via Zoom
    • Marriage preparation is continuing online

We are posting videos to this vimeo page, including the recorded Sunday Masses:

We are using an online video conferencing platform called Zoom to meet virtually where it makes sense:

You can familiarize yourself with these platforms by visiting and seeing how to use them and what we have posted already. We will be updating the vimeo page as we learn more about how to make this user friendly.

My staff and I rely on your feedback to make sure we are meeting the needs of your family to grow in holiness during this difficult time. Please let us know what we can do to be helpful.   

In Christ,

Mark and the Faith Formation Team

Sacrament Availability


Baptisms will commence in early October. For emergency situations call 360-885-7780 to speak to the answering service.

First Sacraments Preparation will commence this Fall for First Communion in the Spring. Enroll now!


Preparation will commence this Fall for First Communion in the Spring. Enroll now!

Weddings Weddings will commence in early October.
Annointing of the Sick For emergencies - please call the parish office at 360-885-7780 to speak with an answering service. Annointings are being done by appointment.




Program COVID-19 Plan
First Sacraments

At home classes and preperation including a take-home retreat. 

Weddings Online prep, Weddings are being planned for October
PreK/Elementary (preK - 3rd) At home lessons
Middle Years (4th - 5th) At home lessons
Middle School Confirmation Classes (6th - 8th) Online preparation through video and Zoom meetings. Email with content given ahead of time to look over before small group; small group meetings via Zoom
High School Confirmation Classes and Post Confirmation Small Groups Online preparation through video and Zoom meetings. Email with content given ahead of time to look over before small group; small group meetings via Zoom
Leadership for MS and HS Meeting online via Zoom
Young Adult Ministry Meeting online via Zoom
Women's Endow Meeting online via Zoom
Men of Faith Meeting online via Zoom
Bible Studies on hold for now
RCIA Meeting online via Zoom



Registration forms and other documents can be found in Publications.

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Here is how to sign up for FORMED:

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Register Now”, or “Next” line
  • Fill out the boxes and click on “Sign Up”
  • Once you register you will use your email as your username, and your password

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