Women's Ministry

Thank You!

A huge thank you to all the women who helped plan Arise Women's Conference!  Here are just a few of the comments we have gotten on the evaluation:

"This conference really filled not just a void in my faith but in my womanhood/motherhood. It was amazing to connect to other women to realign with what role God gave me in the lives of those around me.. and to give to God all the weight I was carrying trying to fill the roles given to me by today's culture."

Where did you see Christ?

"Adoration. It was the most incredible experience of my life! Also I felt His presence during the entire weekend, really. I was so sad for it to be over. I cannot wait for the next one!"

"Sonja's witness about her father wounds and how they have been healed. Praise and worship, and adoration on Friday night."

"In the welcoming spirit of my table mates."

How will you be different because you attended?

"I feel so much closer to Jesus since the event. I feel so much confident as a Beloved Daughter of Christ because of our Sisterhood."

"I am going to make sure I take Sabbath, and take the opportunities God gives me for Sabbath. I am also going to make sure I remember that there is a lesson in life's difficulties because people are mirrors. I want to remember that "difficult people" are meant to sanctify us."

"I will try to make the time to attend group meetings and bond with sisters in Christ."

Endow Study Began January 4, 2018 
Parish Annex


This study introduces women to one of the twentieth century saints John Paul II canonized during his pontificate. A young Jewish woman who suffered through the Holocaust, converted to Catholicism and found her vocation by joining the beautiful Carmelite sisters. JPII felt strongly that the world needed the example of holy men and women during these challenging times, and Endow has chosen Edith Stein as one saint in a vast galaxy to highlight. Her story encompasses elements of philosophy (particularly phenomenology, which was a strong interest of John Paul II's), and theology and offers compelling insights into Jewish life in 1930's Germany. She was an inspiration to women of her time and continues to be today.


Starting April 9, 2018:
Monday Evening Endow Groups

6:15-6:45 Social
6:45-7:45pm Small Group Breakout  
To sign up for any of the ENDOW groups, please contact Jamie.   The online registration is not live yet.

This is perhaps our most popular and foundational study for women first experiencing Endow. Answering many questions for modern Catholic woman this letter, written for the occasion of the 1995 Fourth United Nations Conference on Women, acquaints us with the thought of John Paul II and is a good introduction to the Christian concept of woman and her indispensable role in the Church, the family, society, and the world. Register Here

  Group 2 (Spanish Language): CARTA A LAS MUJERES

Esta carta, escrita con ocasión de la Cuarta Conferencia de la Mujer de las Naciones Unidas 1995, nos da a conocer el pensamiento de Juan Pablo II y es una buena introducción al concepto cristiano de la mujer y de su rol indispensable en la Iglesia, la familia, la sociedad, y el mundo.

Group 3 (For High School Girls and current 8th Grade Girls): CREATED FOR LOVE

This study explores how every person deserves to be loved, and how true beauty helps us to become closer to God. It explains how being a woman gives us something special to bring to the world, and how the creation of men and women (as different but equal) was planned by God for the good of humanity. The highlighted virtues are joy, self control, respect, honesty, and beauty.


Catholic Sisterhood: Paint Night
May 9, 2018

Come paint and pray as your put Mary,  Our Mother, on a 11x14 canvas panel.  This event is limited and open to women 21+ as we will have wine.  Cost is $40 per person. Limited to the first 20 people who sign up. 

Step 1: Sign Up Genius...Make sure there is room
Step 2: Prepayment