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Prayers Answered

but God has surely listened and has heard my prayer. (Psalm 66:19)

FAITH is not believing that GOD can, it is knowing that HE will!

In gratitude and to aid your fellow believers please enter a description of how GOD has answered your prayers. If you submitted them as a prayer request to Holy Redeemer please include that information as it will inspire others who need prayers as well as our prayer warriors who are dedicated to praying for all of the intentions submitted to Holy Redeemer. GOD IS GREAT AND THERE IS NOTHING HE CANNOT DO-NEVER FORGET THAT.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24)

Prayers Answered:


September 2020

Ray Seal's sholder replacement surgery was successful; Ray has now had two successful surgeries this summer - thank you for your prayers as he recovers!


June 2020

My son passed his spring subjects with passing P+ grades - all glory to the loving Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and all the other Saints who have taken my son's requests; thank you for your kind prayers.



March 2020

Thank you for all the prayers for Bob Brizek who underwent an experimental surgery last week; the surgery was successful, and Bob is home and expected to do well.  God is good!


January 2020

Thank you so much for your prayers!  God has blessed me so greatlly and has again built my trust in His loving care for me.  God led me to a doctor that tried a few new ideas on my eyes.  I was given the best vision I've had in nearly 10 years.  I praise Him and thank Him my healer!  (John Cothran)


November 2019

Thank you for your prayers!  My surgery went very well!  (Theresa Prill)


October 2019

A prayer was answered - Baby K was born without any heart defects!


Thank you God for answering my prayer for financial help!


I recently experienced symptoms that pointed towards a stroke. At first the neurologist was certain I had a stroke and since I was outside the time frame for safely reversing it, I most likely would have long term permanent memory loss. During my short stay in the hospital, even though I didn't know where I was nor why I was there, I was very calm and felt Jesus and my guardian angel there with me. The CT scan, MRI, and EEG showed absolutely no sign of stroke. God be praised!! The final diagnosis was something called Global Amnesia which has no known cause. Basically, the brain stops recording events for a short period. I have a permanent loss of events for approximately a day. Thank you all for your prayers!! I felt them!!   - Tom Searle

September 2019

Praise to our Lord - thank you Jesus for granting me a favorable medical test result; please heal me from symptoms and restore my health


July 2019

For someone suffering from serious drug addiction who has gone into therapy and checked himsef in!  We thank you Lord!



May 2019

The current treatment has been successful so far, and dental surgery will not be needed for our son.  Praise God! 


The Lord Jesus Christ saw me through my surgeries and guided the surgeon's hands; everything went fine with no complications.  Thank you dear Lord for answering my prayers; I so trust and believe in you for always being there for me. 



April 2019

The young man with a severed hand that we/you have been praying for has his hand reattached and it is functioning at 85% again!  Praise God for His answer to our prayers!  The young man is actually back to work now - thank you for your prayers! 


John Schaffers, suffering from ALS, got into a study for new medicine in San Diego!  He didn't get in the study that took place in Florida, and was so disappointed, but three months later got into the San Diego study, which is so much easier for him to get to and a higher ratio of medicine versus placebo.  Thank You!!



December 2018

Prayers of thanksgiving for a successful surgery in September, for quick followup by the medical team on post-surgery complications, and continuing progress in recovery.  Prayers from our faith community were key! (Linda Rutledge)


October 2018

I went through a very difficult situation over ten years ago where I could not see my children due to false charges and divorce. The situation seemed impossible with little hope. Somehow, through God's grace, I was able to ask for His help. I prayed that I would be able to raise my children. After two years of no-contact with my children - the court allowed me to see them. Eventually, I was awarded full custody of my two boys after a long and difficult process. I was told more than once by lawyers that this outcome was near impossible. There is no doubt in my mind that this outcome was an answered prayer; this was my Father and our Lord Jesus, showing himself to me. Thank you, Lord Jesus. I see a recent prayer request (October) by a person seeking to be found not guilty at trial and for innocence to be proved. I pray that this person's prayer be granted; and that my answered prayer provides hope. We can only be grateful when it is God's will to grant our prayers; and even when our prayers are not granted, we must take comfort in the knowledge that God has heard our prayers but nevertheless, in his wisdom and complete knowledge, has chosen another path for us; His will, not ours.


July 2018

A friend's father was gravely ill two days ago from sepsis.  She called from the ER and asked me to pray.  I immediately did so, as well as posted the request on Holy Redeemer's prayer line.  Her father had a miraculous response to the antibiotics and fluids and was sent home drastically improved.  Praise be to God!


We are ever so grateful to all who kept a prayer vigil over us as I (Judy) went through heart surgery for removal of a 9 year old ICD implant from my chest, and it's ventricle lead from a vein in my heart. After being implanted for 9 years, there was much concern of a rupture during the procedure. The doctors had me prepped for open heart surgery and a third surgeon was in the operating room in the event of an urgent need. All went smoothly, thanks be to Jesus, Mother Mary, and all of your loving prayers. As I was entering into the sleep of anesthesia, I fully committed my entire self into the hands of Jesus and Mother Mary. As I did this, I saw white, felt both of their presence, then drifted peacefully into their loving arms, that held me throughout the procedure. I am healing quickly and recovering strength. I trust that Jesus has very good reasoning for keeping me here with all of you; and I pray that I will honor that privilege of continuing to serve Him on earth, by yielding to His graces that enable me to serve you with His abiding love.  We thank you from the depths of our hearts.  (Allen and Judy Rogers)


Thank you for your prayers, Prayer Warriors! My friend who had an aneurysm woke up about the next day and recognized her family and friends!  It is truly a miracle, and she realizes that.  She is doing pretty well physically, but struggles with short term memory.  Please continue prayers for her recovery.  And thank you so much!  


May 2018

Prayers were requested for improved family relationships - they are improved, so thank you for your prayers

Prayers have been answered!  A parishioner who was told her office would be closing on June 20th has already found another job!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me to receive good results from medical tests - the prayers have been answered - praise be to God!  Please continue to offer prayers for me to have continued success in upcoming medical appointments.  Thank you for all of the encouraging words!   (Rose Montag)


March 2018

My granddaughter, Iridium, 5 years old, is not throwing up anymore, so she may not have gastrointestinal problems now.  Thank you for your prayers.


February 2018

Thank you for praying for a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor in December and had a peaceful death last week.  She was ready to have her prayers answered and went very quickly.



3½ months ago I was told I have Stage 4 lung cancer that has aggressively spread throughout my body, with no chance of remission, and 18-24 months to live.  Today I was told that, with the exception of one area, almost all of the cancer is gone or massively reduced.  I have asked for and received continual prayer from many people and churches, and I am extremely grateful.  Some miracles are instantaneous, such as when Jesus cured a lame man and he got up and walked.  What is happening with me is taking time, but this doesn't make it any less of a miracle.  Every day I have and continue to improve is a miracle.  I ask for continued prayers that my medications continue to work so I can go into remission or possibly even be cured.  


January 2018

My granddaughter, 5, seems to be improving medically; all 3 children asked Jesus to help sick people in their prayers


December 2017 marked a year since my early cancer diagnosis that was numbing at the time, but the immediate and sustained and unexpected buoyancy of the charity of Holy Redeemer Parish friends, acquaintances, and strangers made me feel that I was blessed to be exactly where I belonged, not walking through the "lonesome valley" as one song describes, but taking a triumphant walk along the natural road laid out for each of us by the Lord.  The support of prayers, cards, visits, sharing of personal experiences, and uncountable expressions of concern I will never be able to adequately return.  The immediate dangers of a year ago are past, and I only hope that I can offer a fraction of the joy and encouragement you have given me. You will all be in my own prayers in 2018 and beyond.  My hope is John 3:16.  Thank you!  (Kathy Cannon)


Triple answered prayers for three children!  Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!  My 10 year old grandson has had his feeding tube removed and is eating on his own.  My 5 year old granddaughter is not experiencing any more vomiting so she does not need to have a scope.  My other grandson, 8, has not had any evening leg seizures in several weeks.  Thank you so much for praying for my little grandchildren.


Baby Stella, who underwent cardiac surgery recently, is doing very well!!


One of Holy Redeemer's parishioners asked the church's prayer warriors to pray for her sister who was in a coma in a foreign country and not expected to live.  Two days after the prayers began, her sister woke from the coma.  A few days later she was out of bed walking!  Her doctors are reported to be totally baffled by her recovery.  We give thanks and praise to God for his awesome miracle!


After multiple miscarriages, a friend has been blessed with the delivery of a healthy baby boy!


We asked for prayer support for Allen's sister, Rita, who was passing into eternity from a massive stroke, heart attack, and pneumonia.  Rita passed peacefully into Our Lord's loving care Saturday, January 20th at 4:00am. I woke at 3:00am and began praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for her soul.  I was led to pray one after another until about 5:00am.  What a privilege to help usher a soul into eternity!  A very heartfelt thank you to all of you who kept this prayer vigil with Allen and me.  We are eternally grateful. (Judy Rogers)


God has answered my prayers with a job and lots of blessings!



December 2017

Prayers were answered and my grandson, Link, tolerated with bravery his second medical infusion


Many of the Holy Redeemer parishioners prayed that the Reboot Live night would touch those who came seeking to know God.  These prayers were answered!  Chris' talk touched people where they needed healing to know that they are LOVED!


My ten year old grandson's MRI showed partial healing and no new problems!  Thank you for praying for him!


It is quite a jolt when cancer comes to call.  Thank you for your prayers for me and my family.  I am so grateful for the strength and courage given to us through the surgery and now with recovery.  We are especially blessed by the "all clear" prognosis.  I felt the power of your prayers and consider this outcome proof that our God listens and answers the cries of his people.  God bless you all and thanks again! (Paula Engel)


November 2017

Thanks be to God and your prayers!  Many good things happened to me that I can't explain both spiritually and materially.  I am so grateful!!


A friend had a recent scan which showed his cancer is still in remission.  Thanks for surrounding him in prayers!


Prayers for discernment and clarity on employment decisions were answered.

God revealed new employment opportunities in a most unexpected direction!


God's perfect timing and prayer brought my 16 year old niece to come stay with us from 6 hours away.  She was not raised Catholic and had been making poor choices that led to a traumatic situation for her.  She accompanied me to adoration and was touched by the presence of Jesus.  My niece took a rosary and prayer guide with her.  Praise God and Holy Mary for giving this child comfort.


Praise be to God! My friend who has a history of lung cancer had a recent repeat scan, and it showed a very tiny spot which will be followed, and no other treatment is required.


I prayed that God would lead my son-in-law to agree to take his children to pediatric specialists to find out more about the health problems they have been having.  God did lead him, and now the children have the pediatric specialists they need. 


Answered Prayers

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