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Woodlands Trail Events


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Summer Day Camp

Woodlands Trail

Camp Currie - Camas, WA

August 18-20

Summer day camp for the Woodland Trails Unit will be held at Camp Currie in Camas August 18-20. Details are not yet final, but the camp is open to all members of the Fox, Hawk, and Mountain Lion patrols.  We are hoping to have both overnight and day camp options. Activities will include outdoor activities such as hiking, nature study, outdoor cooking, crafts, and more. Swimming and archery may be available, depending on adult supervision.  Adult volunteers are needed to help make this event a success.  No previous experience necessary.  Adults must have a background check, be Safe Environment trained, and registered with Trail Life USA.  See Annie Cooper for details.

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Fort Vancouver

Woodland Trails (all patrols)

June 24th

In May, the Hawk and Mountain Lion patrols worked on Citizenship and Patriotism and to round that out we are venturing out to Fort Vancouver on June 24th.  We will get to experience what life was like in 1824 when the Hudson's Bay Company first founded Fort Vancouver.  We will tour the McLoughlin house, visit a real working blacksmith, explore the military barracks, and see a real archeological dig site. This event is open to all the Woodlands Trail boys and will be led by Trail Guide Christopher Spiegel.  There is no cost for children under the age of 15.  Adults will pay $5.00.  This is going to be a fun and educational afternoon.

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Gillette Lake Hike

Mountain Lions and Hawks

July 22

The Mountain Lion and Hawk Patrols will head over to Gillette Lake in the Gorge for a day hike.  We have already done a hike this year at Washington Park and the boys had so much fun that they wanted more of a challenge.  This hike promises to be fun, and will deliver the challenge.  It will be led by Jesse Stiltner, one of our Parent Volunteers.  The Gillette Lake Hike starts at the Bonneville Trailhead and will start up the Tamanous Trail. Ta-Mah-no-ous is a native American word roughly translated as "Vision Quest." From the parking lot, hikers start out on a gravel road, but quickly divert up a wooded path that climbs straight uphill.  This hike is an accessible, easy stroll with a good chance to view wild life. Pack plenty of water and a lunch for a scenic meal under the trees next to Gillette Lake, or the nearby creek that feeds it.


Adventurer and Navigator Events



Western Roundup 

Navigators & Adventurer's Summer Camp

Naches, WA 

July 30 - August 2nd

We will be camping with several other troops from around the region, including troops from Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho.  There will be plenty of outdoor fun and activities for all.  Space is limited.  The cost is $125.00 for Navigators and $165.00 for Adventurers (the fee is higher for Adventurers because they will be paddle boarding).  The cost includes entry fee, activities, and food.  This is a patrol driven event for Navigators and Adventurers.  Event will be led by Rob Martin and Ed Nicholson.  Contact Rob Martin for details.

Backpacking 101


August 9-13

This five day, 15 mile backpacker is designed for first time backpackers ages 11 and up.  Space is not limited, so parents are welcome to come along, support the adult leaders and learn about the program.  Father Nathe will be joining us for the first two days of the hike, as well!  Must be registered with Trail Life, complete Safe Environment Training and Trail Life Youth Protection.  If you have backpacking experience, that is great. We can always use another experienced hiker.  If you are a novice, don't fret. Over 100 eleven year olds have successfully completed this Hike in the last 15 years. Cost is $75.00.  Hike will be led by Jesse Villafranca and Ed Brands.  See Jesse Villafranca for details.

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Mt. St. Helens Climb

Navigators and Adventurers

August 29

You might have noticed that the Navigators and Adventurers take a lot of hikes.  That's because they are up to something - something B..I..G Big! That's right, they are planning and practicing. They are taking a hike every month to prepare for the big one.  Mt. St. Helens.  They will start out early in the morning of Tuesday, August 29, hike up past the tree line, over the bolder fields, across the fine sand and rock for the last mile (it's like 2 steps forward and one step back).  And then peer into the open mouth of the monster.  This hike is full and no more space available.  See Rob Martin about what the boys will do next year to top this one!


Troop Information



Trail Life Oath

On my honor,

I will do my best

To serve God and my country;

To respect authority;

To be a good steward of creation;

And to treat others

as I want to be treated.


Troop Structure

Woodland Trails: K-5th Grade

This Patrol contains three Levels: Fox, Hawk, and Mountain Lion

Navigators: 6th-8th Grade

Adventurers: 9th-12th Grade


Troop Meetings 

The full Troop meets every Monday night from 6:30 - 8:15 PM unless otherwise specified

No meeting June 26, July 31, August 14, September 4, and September 11

Planning Meetings

For troop leaders to plan outings, camps, and other fun activities.


June 26

August 14

September 11


Committee Meetings 

Committee meetings are for the Troop Committee members.  It is a regular Troop Meeting night but the committee meets while the night runs as usual.


July 10

August 21

September 18

October 2


Patrol Dues

Starting in May, all Trailmen are required to pay monthly dues.  Ideally, we would like the boys to earn this money by doing chores around the house.  Dues are payable to the Patrol Leader or Trail Guide, and vary according to the patrol:

Fox Patrol - $1.00 per month

Hawk Patrol - $2.00 per month

Mountain Lion Patrol - $3.00 per month

Navigators - $5.00 per month

Adventurers - $5.00 per month


Troop Uniform Exchange

Thank you Julie Campbell for accepting the challenge of setting up and maintaining our troop uniform exchange.  Here is how it works - say you outgrow your uniform.  Just contact Julie and see if you can trade it in for a different size.  If she has one in your size, just make a trade.  If the one you receive is new, and yours is gently worn, you may end up paying a few dollars for it.  If you trade gently used for gently used, it won't cost a thing.  If we don't have your size and you buy a new uniform, we would love to take the old gently used one off your hands to add to the uniform bank. You can donate it, or the troop will buy it at a reasonable price.  Our goal is to recycle the uniforms that are not too worn and have the uniform bank be self-funding.  Julie can be reached at or 360-980-3558.