Prayer List

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

"Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray.  Is anyone in good spirits?  He should sing praise.  Is anyone among you sick?  He should summon the presbyters of the church, and they should pray over him and anoint [him] with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up.  If he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven."   - James 5:13-15 

Please pray for:


April 2017

Tammy Schneider (who had a stroke and needs God to help make her family whole again)

Niluka (who is facing job issues and unsuccessfully looking for another job)

For God to open a door to find employment with the Federal Government

Steve Weinmuller

The John Cothran Family

Tron Joule (who is 7 years old & displaying signs of Tourettes after a major concussion) and for strength for his parents and siblings.

Mark Howe (who may have cancer)

Fran Plourd

Prayers & support for an upcoming divorce hearing

Prayers for the soul of someone who passed away on April 11th

Prayers for a parishioners special intention

Prayers for an ill relative and his family during a difficult and uncertain time

Prayers for the soul of someone who passed away on Easter Sunday

Prayers to receive a special grace from Heaven

For the safety of Cole Burbank who has been missing since 4/13/2017. For his parents, family, friends, and all those searching for him.  Dear Lord Jesus, please wrap your arms around him and keep him safe and comforted until he is found.

Santo Morello (healing after surgery)

Mike Hammerstrom (healing)

For strength and peace for someone who lost their only surviving child.  Pray for God's love and grace for the family, and pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased.

For someone suffering from severe back pain and depression

For somone with cancer

Prayers of thanks for Dylan for finding employment in the trucking industry. Prayers needed for gaining confidence, safety, and learning the job.  Please pray for the holy spirit to be with him as he drives on his own without a trainer.

Stefan is asking for prayers for God to bless him in every way: spirit, soul, heart, mind, body, senses, abilities, and every part of his being.

For God to bless and guide the people that live and visit Karlskrona, Sweden

Julissa Lopez Rizo (strength and healing)

Prayers for freedom from addiction and to turn to Jesus

Prayers for a positive outcome in a proposed custody change

Prayers to repair and restore a troubled marriage

Alex Gustavson

Anthony Moreno (Stage 4 cancer) and his family, including 4 children, all still living at home

For those who entered into full communion with the church at Easter

For a niece just starting cancer treatments at 30 years old - for healing and peace throughout the process

Mackenzie Badertscher, Madison Kraft, and Paiten Kraft who were injured in a serious car accident

Prayers for conversion, surrendering to God, and fulfilling God's intended life mission 


March 2017

Mary Lambird (deceased)

Alex Donahoe (suffering from mental health problems)

Patrick Moda (prostate cancer)

John William Durham (Parkinsons)

For strength & courage for a friend whose cancer has returned

For hope & healing for a friend suffering with anxiety

For a friend hospitalized with a mysterious illness

For a family member who is depressed & having suicidal thoughts

Sherilyne Gallant (conversion)

Skott Gallant (to be cured of mental illness & to become a practicing Catholic)

Kelly Gallant (return to the Catholic faith & for her family conversion)

Tammi Gallant (deceased)

Oscar & Lois Gallant (deceased) 

Dylan (to find employment in the trucking industry - he is getting discouraged and could use prayers that the right path will present itself soon)

For a friend just diagnosed with lung cancer  

Daniel Avery (deceased) & his family

For forgiveness & healing of a broken family relationship

Kathy Arata

Susan Barone

Kathy Cannon

Ruth Cook

Saide Corey

Ralph Dehler

Jim Dunn

William Flanigan

Kim Flinchbaugh

Jose Joe Guevara Jr (deceased)

Myrtha Hammer

James Hodges

Betty Lagoy

Chris Martin

Ruby Moreno

Diane Rego

Tamara Rowley

Rosa Maria Santos

Art Schallberger

Marlena Slatick

Barbara Wallace

Beverly Williamson

Migdalia Armenteros (to be truly healed of leukemia & the FLT3 mutation, that her skin and eye issues be healed, and that she gets only good news from her doctors)

For a miracle of healing and to be set free from sickness and pain

Alexander Sherman

Jeff Lindberg

Jack Lindberg

Sherry Callaghan (as she begins an aggressive treatment for an auto-immune deficiency)