Prayer List

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

"Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray.  Is anyone in good spirits?  He should sing praise.  Is anyone among you sick?  He should summon the presbyters of the church, and they should pray over him and anoint [him] with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up.  If he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven."   - James 5:13-15 

Please pray for:


October 2017

Gerry Anne Boren (deceased)

Carole Brown

Robert Wiesman

Mary Brosius (deceased)

Baptism for two grandchildren

For a successful job transition

Alex Greszler, who has been placed in hospice care (he is the identical twin brother of Paul Greszler)

Gary Kissel

Adrien L. (Sonny) Snell, Jr. (deceased)

Mary Jose (a cancer survivor who has developed an infection that persists even after taking the highest dose antibiotic; also for healing for her severe pain from a sprained ankle; for her husband to have the Lord Jesus strength to also get through this trying time)

Prayers for a special intention

Larry Sutter

God, in Jesus name we ask that you forgive all the sins and that there is peace around the world

For reconciliation; for mutual love, understanding, maturity, and patience in the relationship

For freedom from suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety

For healing after suffering three strokes and the stress and depression that accompany it

Tina (favorable results on thyroid testing)

Irene (who is going through a tough time in a new job situation)

For all members of a family to come to know Jesus

For wisdom in dealing with teenage issues, especially the cell phone and internet

Emily Grace Schelhammer

For transportation to become available so that wheelchair members of Holy Redeemer may attend evening events (Reboot, game nights, etc.) and be able to get home safely

Sharnice Cyprien (to receive the greatest miracle in her life)

Chris Martin (deceased)

AnaMaria Weinmuller (healing & recovery from fractured elbows)

Manases T. Dela Cruz and Francisca C. Tenorio

Sally Aton (healing)

"I shall give you shepherds after my own heart, who will pasture you wisely and discreetly." (Jer 3:15)  Let us unitedly pray for the Synod of Syro Malabar Bishops at Mount St Thomas, Kakkanad - directed election for the new Bishop of Sagar Diocese, India

Kym (healing)

For two kittens to be adopted soon

Prayers for a relationship - In Jesus' name, please pray that God sends a life partner soon

Prayers to become pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and baby

Prayers for a loving husband and companion

Rick (healing from lung and prostate cancer)

To be blessed with good, positive friends who have a strong faith

For God to watch over a pregnancy, nourishing the baby's heart, soul, and body; after many struggles with infertility please intercede to ensure the baby is developing perfectly; bring peace and calm with the struggle of fear, worry, and doubt because of prior unsuccessful pregnancies

For a strong sense of direction in life and for doors to open in a vocation or career path

For close friendships in life and if God wills, a long-term relationship leading to marriage



September 2017

For those affected by Hurricane Harvey, that they may find comfort, strength, and hope to survive through this difficult time

For teachers and catechists, that they may be enlightened by the Holy Spirit to spread the Good News

Special Intention for a deceased love one

Margaret Carr

For a positive diagnosis and for results that it's not breast cancer, but if it is, for it to be removed through surgery; for Jesus to heal and the archangel Raphael to intercede on her behalf

For the Holy Spirit to enter the heart, mind, and soul; to be convicted of a sinful attitude, come to personal repentance in the Lord Jesus Christ, and turn back to faith in God

Damien Taison Roldan

For the Lord to help grow in Christ and faith every day

Scott Gill (for a successful surgery, healing, & recovery)

Jim Ebacher (deceased)

AnaMaria Weinmuller (to be kept safe from the hurricane as it approaches Florida)

For the family and friends of Jim Ebacher, a dear man whom God has shown the way home.  Please wrap his wife and children in your loving arms and grant them comfort, peace, and solitude in this great time of need.

For complete healing and normal test results; pray for God to replace fear with His peace

To continue to be understanding to a teenage daughter as she searches for answers in her faith; prayers for her to return to Christianity and away from her agnostic beliefs

Elie Ghaleb (metastasis osteosarcoma)

Susan Sara (lung infection); prayers for Our Lord Jesus Christ to make her whole and cure her heart, lungs, and brain; for God to regulate her blood pressure and heartbeat, and pray for her to be able to breathe on her own again

Audrey Cuica

Daniel Jones (deceased)

For God's will to be done with someone struggling with depression and suffering, feeling lost and unhappy -  prayers for reconciliation and peace in a relationship

Prayers for Ruben, who has metastatic kidney cancer and was just diagnosed with a blood clot in his leg; for his wife, who his despondent about his grave health

Prayers for Ericka, who was just diagnosed with Lyme disease

For a new job and that the start date will come soon

For an ex-husband to end his abusive behavior and for the darkness in his heart to end

For a child to know how much he is loved and for nothing to come between the mother and son bond

For successful hernia surgery for nine-month-old Cornelius Andrew; may God bless him with good health and the angels guide him through his surgery

For a private intention

For complete trust in Jesus now and always

Protection from an abusive ex-husband who continues to use revenge and their 18 year old son in his retaliation; prayers for their son, for the ex-husband, and for protection from his revenge

For Wilma to pass the NCLEX exam on September 23rd in her first attempt and to get the RN registration for a good, permanent, government job

Healing of all the health related issues of Nishita, Wilma, and William

For well paid, good, relaxing jobs with a good work and life balance for William and Wilma

For choicest gifts of good health, peace of mind, love, wisdom, wealth, prosperity, joy, happiness, food, accommodation, transportation, and financial security

Ray Seal (healing following shoulder replacement surgery)

Allan James B. Dela Cruz (deceased)

Healing of cerebral palsy

Prayers to receive a miracle in life

For inner healing to be able to love others and not be filled with stubbornness and hate; for God to grant deliverance from sin and to be filled with the Holy Spirit



August 2017

Jean C. Cannon

For priests throughout the world, that they may continue to be blessed to guide the Lord's people and be protected from all evil during their ministry

Prayers to be saved and strengthened

For the strength, courage, patience, understanding, and knowledge to rekindle a relationship; that a deeper romantic relationship may develop

Shirley Greening (deceased)

For Brenton, who will be going to rehab for drug addiction soon -  for a miracle from God to heal him and bless him

For recovery and return to work after a heart attack

Healing for Migdalia Armenteros - for her blood clots to be healed, for motivation to complete rehabilitation, and to become completely ambulatory again

Janice Hansen

Prayers for Divine intervention for a mother and son with no money, no food, and unable to get help from anyone; open doors and hearts so that they will be able to eat today

Prayers to keep a marriage and love safe, as well as the whole family; also for salvation and protection from the New Age

For the Holy Spirit to show that only Jesus can save and bring you back to him

For Alex and his battle with drug addiction; also for his mother's health to improve so that she can help him

To be free from the destructive presence of a religious cult

For God to forgive sins, keep us safe and healthy, away from any destruction or punishments self imposed or imposed by others; help us lead and live our lives in peace, love, harmony, health, and with Jesus

For peace, forgiveness, and compassion in our families so that we can be real children of God; keep us united with strong bonds and away from evil

For a childish spirt so that we can always praise God in everything we do

Ed Bolke (deceased)

Christine Garcin

For complete healing for one-year-old Matilda who has cancer

Sandy Gressley

For help with addiction, to realize self worth, and to be safe during a hard time

For return to work soon after a long time being on medical leave, for the health and financial stability of the family

Prayers for recovery from a stroke

Linda Perucco (inoperable brain cancer)

Prayers for God to bring about a change of heart for an estranged family member

For successful dental surgery for a severely inflamed mouth, for healing and recovery from this extremely serious and urgent issue; also for people to donate to the GoFundMe website to make this surgery possible

Prayers to find employment and for a financial blessing

For Brenton, who is going to court; he is very depressed and needs a miracle from God that it will go well for him

For a couple to be blessed with peace, hope, and understanding, and to obtain secure, permanent jobs; to be supportive to one another and blessed with children and a home of their own

For Alroyd, who had to back out of a training course due to extreme nervousness and being unable to meet the hurried schedule

Neha and Noel - for sharp memory and focus as they both take their term exams; for relief from their anxiety, to take away any distractions, and help them to analyze and finish answering all of the questions.  Grace them with divine guidance and positive energy

Adriana, who has been mentally ill for years and is really struggling; prayers for the doctors to find a cure

Charles Brazil

Mildred Brazil

For healing and a miracle to be set free from weakness, sickness, and heaviness

For healing from a very serious illness and for permanence in housing accommodations at this time of great distress

Carole Brown

Adrien L. (Sonny) Snell, Jr. (deceased)

To turn away from a pornographic lifestyle and return to the Catholic church

Margaret Carr (compressed/collapsed spinal vertebrae, possibly fractured ribs)

Peter Carr (healing & recovery from recent back surgery & for more back surgeries in the upcoming months)

Charissa (Stage 4 cancer)

Ronald Garone

Sharnice Cyprien

Melissa Frank (deceased)

For intergenerational liberation and healing of a genealogical tree

For priests, for conversion, for a brother who lives in adultery

Patricia Stelma (healing, health, and guidance for her medical staff)

For Stephen to be free from addiction to meth and all drugs and alcohol; to be able to resist urges and be the man God wants him to be

Marlene Gonzalez-McGill (deceased)

For a cure for multiple myeloma

Peter Chaney (recovery from a stroke)

For a marriage to be saved

For a strong sense of direction in life and for doors to be opened; to find a career and establish relationships

Brenda Torres (prosperity blessings and protection; for God's will in her life, her relationships, her jobs, and in her son's life)

For completion of education, a career in human resources, spiritual growth, and for God to grant to someone an upright, respectful, God fearing future husband


July 2017

Brian William Pearson (healing)

For permanent employment and medical benefits

For safe travels across the United States

To be able to find a good and stable job soon

Patrick Howe (recovery and healing)

For a couple to be united in marriage

Elena Adams

For good results from a scheduled mammogram

Guidance and assistance in developing a deeper romantic relationship; prayers for reconciliation for past misdeeds

For conversion back to the faith and to truly have the desire to follow God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Ingeborg Jordan (recovery and healing)

Guidance and prayers in dealing with a painful ongoing situation

Doug Van Dyke (healing and recovery)

To be blessed with peace, hope, understanding, and to obtain secured permanent jobs; to be supportive to one another and to be blessed with children in the marriage

For a successful training course and to be able to meet the demands required of the training

Prayers to pass an exam

For renewed faith in God and to find permanent housing; for the Lord to comfort this family as they have also lost a wife/mother to cancer; prayers for God to grant eternal rest on the soul of the departed

For a displaced mother and her three children that they may be able to return to their home and find peace of mind during a difficult time

For all students transitioning to new schools this fall

Migdalia Armenteros (Good news from blood tests, lungs and heart tests, and that she may be healed; that she may get stronger, self reliant, and independent again)

Shawn (healing and recovery from cancer)

For the desire to be pure in thought, word, and deed; for a deep sense of modesty which will be reflected in external conduct and to be protected from anything that might dim the luster of a heart that must mirror only Christ

Safe travels for a roundtrip flight to Atlanta

To be free in mind and thought thinking; to stay focused on the Lord and Kingdom of God

For a family pet to have a successful surgery to remove a tumor; for a speedy recovery and many healthy years ahead

For grandpa John Paul Nowak (deceased) for his birthday July 26th; for all of the intentions he prayed for at each Mass and that he may celebrate with St. Anne and St. Joachim

For special intentions

For healing of face bones - for strength, faith, and courage; also for the strength of the marriage

Continued prayers for more success in life, for friends and family who are sick and poor - that they may return to good health, and for a good Christian young woman to succeed in her studies

God's help and support in losing weight; it is a situation that is out of control and the heaviness has become a prison - prayers for a miracle of freedom, deliverance, and healing

For the strength, courage, patience, understanding, and knowledge to rekindle a relationship; that a deeper romantic relationship may develop

Ed Bolke

For peaceful and pain-free passing; also prayers for the family

Peter Tro Huynh

Peter Khoa Vo

Peter Phap Ta

Catharine Vi Tran

Anna Nhon Nguyen

Marie Tran Thi Bao Vo

Michael Nicholson



June 2017

Dylan (speedy recovery from a broken leg)

For a small business (DT Dustless Blasting) to be blessed with many paying customers all year long so the owner can get out of debt in 2017 and the business to become profitable

Marlene Engbrecht ( heart condition)

For a man estranged from his family for five years due to meth addiction, and for his family who is grieving for the loss of him in their lives

The Lord God of Mercy grant His grace of conversion, faith, and the Holy Spirit for a Muslim; grant visions and dreams to confirm Him and change his heart and life to follow God

Shirley Greening (health issues)

Prayers for safe travels to Italy and for work that pays well

Healing for Dylan, who fractured his fibula and tibia (through the growth plate), prayers for a speedy and full recovery

Recovery from injury due to an accident

Prayers for a son to turn his life around and away from drugs

Prayers for a good outcome on medical tests and a quick return back to employment

Prayers for a private intention


For a husband and wife to be blessed with another baby so their daughter may have a sibling

Cora Grimm (for successful cataract surgery on June 7th)

Full recovery of a co-worker's daughter who is in critical condition fighting meningitis in her spine

Recovery for a family battling colds/flu for two months

For a man being unjustly judged for a crime he didn't commit and for him to be released soon; for his wife and little daughter, who are all alone with no income

For a relationship of 3 years that is in trouble, for both to understand their love for each other, and to remain committed to each other

For a reconciliation; for the pain and hurt to be replaced with love, joy, patience, understanding, and hearts to be filled with love for each other

Continued prayers for more success in life, for friends who are sick and poor - that they may return to good health

For healing from being weak, very sick, and a heavy, weighed down feeling; for God to bless with a miracle and return to good health

For a reconciliation; for hearts to be touched and God to show the way and teach His path

Bob Hauff (for his new job to go well and to be able to keep his house)

Prayers for a divorced mother and her 12 year old son - for strength, protection, and financial means to endure the painful, unending emotional and mental abuse.

For God to grant favor to Lorena in passing the 2017 Philippine Bar Examination this November and that she can be used as an instrument to help people in their legal need and any other form of need for aid.

For Jesus to heal Cristin's mom's body and soul; for Archangel Raphael to intercede on her behalf

Jean Bartholomew (healing)

For Dan and his wife Mailly, who are in the Netherlands spending time with relatives, and are experiencing serious health issues.

For the eventual successful start of an ordinariate parish in the Portland-Vancouver area and for the opportunity to purchase the building of St. Mark's Anglican for that purpose.

For Africa, the Middle East, to weaken the action of demons, Brazil and it's public schools, slums, working people, politicians, and all of its citizens, schizophrenic people, all victims of war, dysfunctional families, and for a happy marriage

For a heart to be softened and find forgiveness; for the desire to accept God and the Holy Spirit in life, to make the right moral decisions; please instill the desire to find the way back to God

For the desire to practice living a life of chastity

John Cothran (for wisdom and peace in a health related situation)

For healing, salvation, conversion, holiness, guidance, wisdom, and understanding; to be blessed with good God fearing spouses, good jobs, and good health

Anthony Dilberto (physical healing and successful vascular surgery on July 25th)

For better job opportunities



May 2017

For a marriage in distress, that the obstacles and misunderstandings that are keeping the husband and wife apart be resolved and the marriage be saved

Prayers for a private intention

Prayers for healing of an illness

Prayers and guidance during a difficult time trying to find a job to support the family

Marleen Relativo-Tracy (cancer)

Prayers for healing from insomnia and body pains

Prayers for healing from physical ailments

Prayers for an overflow of blessings and miracles from a health situation, for God to take control of the situation that is out of control and provide answers and a proper diagnosis

Michael Mingus (throat cancer from chemicals in Iraq on Military Duty)

Prayers for a miraculous intercession from God for a parishioner's place of employment - for the many devoted Catholics that work there in need of hope, also for the salvation of the parishioner's entire family

For Heather Lund who is suffering from a stroke, and her family who is preparing for hospice care

Prayers for the victims and the departed souls of the deceased victims of a tragic automobile accident this past week

For relief and healing of a painful undiagnosed illness that makes it difficult to move or get out of bed and is causing memory loss; for an overflow of blessings and miracles to be free of this debilitating condition

Cindy McClamroch

Fran Plourd

For a parishioner's wife who is sick and needs healing right away

For successful hip surgery and a speedy recovery both physically and mentally

To reconcile and restore a relationship and for a Godly home to be created if it is God's will

Continuous prayers for a situation where people are constantly interfering and damaging a relationship with jealousy and manipulation.

The Lord God of Mercy grant the grace of conversion, faith, Holy Spirit, and precious blood of the lamb to a Muslim; for God to change his heart, make him a servant, and to follow Him

Healing for Jody Valencia

Prayers for the continued health and return to work for a parishioner who suffered a heart attack

Margaret Carr

Tyler Treadwell (for a successful job interview)

Prayers for a wrongfully imprisoned man

Prayers to restore a relationship, for God to take away the pain and hurt and fill the heart with love, joy, patience, and understanding

For healing of severe coughing, cold, fever, and chest pain; also of a stray dog bite, and successful treatment for a skin pigmentation under the eye

For a family needing repentance, forgiveness, deliverance of evils, hope, healing; for recourse to family rosary, mass attendance, peace, jobs, and to take responsibility for each other

For a son who converted to Islam, and his wife and children

Dick Stipher (prayers for a diagnosis & quick recovery)

For a relationship in need of healing - for God to fill the hearts with love, joy, patience, and understanding for each other - pray that each will see, appreciate, and honor each other's worth.

Prayers for more success in life, for friends who are sick and poor - that they may return to good health

For a parishioner's nephew, who passed away, and for his entire family during this difficult time

Prayers for a family in need of healing

Prayers for a deceased loved one

Samuel Cha (deceased)

Hunter Pearson (deceased)

Sabine Denayer (deceased)

Anthony Mirabel (deceased)

Arlene Collins (illness)

For proper cancer care and diagnosis, pain relief, and the courage to fight it

Michael Nolan (deceased)

Mary Cook (deceased)