Adult Music Ministry

Music is integral in our worship as Catholics. The Music Ministry provides music for the weekend Masses as well as Holy Days of Obligation, Christmas, The Triduum, Easter Sunday and other events such as Confirmation and First Communion. Though we sing at different Masses, we are one Music Ministry. Regardless of our level of commitment, we all meet on the first Thursday of each month for a general music ministry rehearsal and business meeting.

1. The first level of commitment in Music Ministry is to sing at one of the weekend Masses.
Each Mass’s choir practices 1 hour prior to Mass, except the 7:30 am Mass.
The Saturday 5:30pm Mass choir practices at 4:40 pm in the St. Cecilia Room.
The Sunday 9:30 am Mass choir practices at 8:40 am in the Church. 
The Sunday Noon Mass choir practices at 11:10 am in the Church.

Anyone who sings at a weekend Mass is also invited to sing at one of the Holy Days of Obligation Masses, Thanksgiving and other general Masses when they occur. No extra rehearsals are required for these Masses.

2. The second level of commitment in the Music Ministry is The Special Events Choir. Anyone who sings for one of the weekend Masses is automatically a member of the Special Events choir, however, the commitment is optional. It is more of an opportunity than a requirement. This combined choir practices every Thursday from 7 pm – 8 pm If needed, they may be asked to practice after the monthly General Music Ministry rehearsal.

The Special Events choir is the primary choir for all the “special liturgical events of the parish. They sing, once a month, at a different Mass. They sing for Christmas, at the Grotto, during Holy Week and for Confirmation and other opportunities as they happen during the church year.

For questions, please contact Angela Yang at or call (360) 885-7780 ext. 19 


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